I’ve finished up…

I've finished up Macbeth, which makes me both triumphant (at having gotten through the play in just the tiny week I could spare for it) and sad (since I could've happily spent an entire month on it -- I didn't even have time to recite the "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow" monologue for them, which I have memorized and everything, sigh).

But on the positive side, next week is all Guinevere, all the time! Did I tell you that we did, briefly, consider naming our daughter Guinevere? Gwen is a perfectly nice nickname, after all. The question is, can I really cover Malory, Tennyson, T.H. White, Bradley, Yolen, and possibly Ford, all in one week, and all with students who mostly aren't familiar with the Matter of Britain at all? (I asked them if they knew who Mordred was today -- 2 out of 24 did.) We'll just have to wait and see

Drama in English class. Ha ha ha. :-)

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