I think my cold must be…

I think my cold must be improving because I was up and working for an hour before I realized that DayQuil might be helpful. And I no longer want to just burst into tears when I see the mess our house is devolving into. I don't have an urge to actually clean it yet, mind you -- all energies must clearly be saved for necessary work. But still, calm in the face of chaos is progress, of a sort, yes?

Plan for today: Get kids fed and to school, teach, work on Jaggery stuff (new issue soon!), teach, come home, collect Kat and kids, go to CapriCon, write in lobby/cafe/whatever's there, be on panel, make Kat drive us home because I will likely be crashing by then. Possibly sleep in car. It is not ideal, having a convention weekend happen when I'm already sick, but ah well. I will take it as easy as I can, and should survive.

If anyone's coming tomorrow, I plan to bring a stack of The Stars Change with me, and will be happy to sell them to you at the autographing table (or after my panels) for $10.

The Kindle edition on Amazon is cheaper ($5.38), and you can get it for $6.99 at Circlet in Nook / PDF, but I think right now, the only way you can buy print is from me? I should check that with Cecilia. We are working on the hardcovers! It is complicated!

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