Slowly recovering today…

Slowly recovering today -- I actually cleaned off the kitchen counters, which is a good sign for Mary Anne getting healthier. For some reason, that's the house-thing that apparently bugs me the most, given that it's the first thing I clean when I start cleaning. Must have clear counter space, wiped down and ready for work.

Am not sure how much more I'll do before heading off to Capricon -- possibly nothing. I'm currently deep into a Judith Tarr fantasy novel, _White Mare's Daughter_, which I am enjoying muchly -- sitting on the couch with it sounds more appealing than picking up the rest of the house. :-) I read a lot of Tarr's books in my 20s (just loved _The Hound and the Falcon_ series), and now that she's started re-releasing some as ebooks through Book View Caf, I have a convenient way to catch up.

Hey, if you're at CapriCon, please note that from 2:30 - 4, I'm free (with panel before and autographing after), and am planning to hang out in the cafe space, drinking tea, eating nibbles, and puttering on my laptop. Please do feel free to pull up a chair and chat! This is not a super-busy con for me, and I'm happy to meet new people. Or people I know only from Facebook. 'Know' in that weird, Facebook way. Esp. since I post so much (and with so little filter) that people often feel like they know me a lot better than I know them. :-) Come balance it out a bit!

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