Had a great conversation…

Had a great conversation with my interns (Mark and Henna) for this semester (for the SLF and DesiLit). Last week, they were working on putting together a PR list for Jaggery. This week, they're spending time familiarizing themselves with the details of both orgs, looking for out-of-date stuff on the website and making notes for improvement, projects going forward. It's definitely more work for me than I might do otherwise, supervising them. But given that they're both putting in 14 hrs / week in order to get course credit, I'm hoping to see some real leaps forward for both organizations.

Anything you'd desperately like to see either DesiLit or the SLF doing in 2014? The SLF has its two current grants, plus the class grant it's hoping to add. We could, for example, bring back the mentorship program, or possibly raise funds to bring back the Fountain Award. DesiLit has Jaggery and the 2014 Kriti Festival (probably in October?). We could start an online writing workshop, which we've discussed a few times. What else?

2 thoughts on “Had a great conversation…”

  1. Selfish things I want:

    * edit-a-thons to improve Wikipedia entries (in several languages) about desi authors and speculative literature by and about marginalized folks
    * getting work translated into and out of the anglosphere
    * facilitating online chats among writers and clueful agents and publishers to talk about getting this kind of work published

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Hm. This all sounds awesome, but perhaps beyond what we can do anytime soon. 🙁 If you decide you have time to volunteer on one of these projects, drop me a line. 🙂

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