Bulbs ordered. We may…

Bulbs ordered. We may be eating lentils and rice and drinking water for the rest of the month, but I will take that in exchange for a wealth of spring flowers. This is what I'm adding to my garden (mostly going in the newly-reclaimed and still fairly barren hellstrip and front woodland borders near the sidewalk, except for the iris sibirica and hollyhock (bed near house) and Thalia (bordering path towards house on right)):

- snowdrop (galanthus nivalis), 50
- iris sibirica Caesar´┐Żs brother, 6
- iris Katharine Hodgkin, 25
- iris discovery, 25
- helleborus mix, 3
- rhapsody in blue bulb mixture, 200
- pulmonaria raspberry splash, 3
- hyacinthus blue jacket, 12
- narcissus Thalia, 48
- fritillaria meleagris, 50
- Ollioules tulip, 12
- hollyhock Halo Pink, 1
- Tulip Sanne, 24

And hey -- there should be tomatoes and squash in my garden to harvest. The kids can have some vegetables in September too! All plants from White Flower Farm this time around.

2 thoughts on “Bulbs ordered. We may…”

  1. White Flower Farm doesn’t have the best reputation in the business. Daves Garden watchdog puts them at 147 positives
    80 neutrals
    113 negatives

    You’ll get better prices (wholesale) and more reliable bulbs at a place like John Scheepers/Van Engelen (139 positives
    9 neutrals
    13 negatives) or Colorblends (112 positives
    No neutrals
    1 negative).

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Hmm…that’s good to know. I’ve ordered from tehm in the past and been happy, but I’ll check out the other places for next year.

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