Okay, if you go to…

Okay, if you go to WorldCon one week into the semester, even if you somehow manage miraculously not to have to cancel any classes, expect to be slammed, HARD, on your return. Aside from a brief 1 hr run out to Target/Home Depot, have been on the computer basically from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. And almost all of that was actual work, rather than Facebook.

Admittedly, the last three hours of it were my local writing workshop, which I love, but still, that counts as work. (Side note: awesome workshop tonight -- we had our full complement for a change, and I think we gave pretty awesome critique to pieces that were already very promising. Go, us!)

Now TIRED. Going to go crash like a big crashing thing, try to catch eight hours of sleep. And then go go go again.

(If I survive this week without missing any deadlines, I am rewarding myself with _How the Light Gets In_ this weekend. I will lie in bed and read, and the kids can lie on top of me and watch tv, and it will all be splendid.)

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