There is a stereo in the…

There is a stereo in the playroom, right next to the kids' rooms. We put on a CD before they go to bed, and they're used to falling asleep to it. With me so far? So tell me why, oh why, did Anand come down a flight of stairs at 4-ish a.m. to tell me that he wanted the music on? He said he didn't want to do it alone, which is fine, except he had to walk notably further alone in order to get to me (one flight of stairs, one hallway), than to get to the stereo (approximately six steps). Why, Anand? Why?

And of course, 4-ish is sufficiently close to my wake-up time, despite having a cold and having slept badly to begin with and also for some unknown reason deciding to stay up 'til almost midnight finishing some departmental admin tasks (updating web pages), that I could not get back to sleep, and after spending a groggy hour+ on Facebook, I have now reluctantly dragged myself out of bed and made tea. I have another hour until the kids actually get up, so I suppose I will go watch tv in the basement and work on organizing it some more, once the tea has had a chance to work.

And people ask how I get so much done.

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