I have a cold, and am…

I have a cold, and am miserably exhausted, so Kev was going to try to put the kids to bed by himself tonight. But for the last few minutes, I keep hearing a periodic pathetic "No!" followed by a mysterious thump. I am going to drag myself from my bed of sickness to see what madness is afoot. This is love.

8:03 update: Ah. I have investigated. The thump, it turns out, was Anand sitting on the stairs, banging his feet on the step, and threatening to throw himself down the stairs if one of us didn't come sleep with him. We have a dramatic almost-four-year-old. Kevin has taken his headphones and audiobook up, and peace has been restored to the household. Good thing we got that trundle bed for Anand's room! And now, NyQuil for me.

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