I’m trying to get the…

I'm trying to get the kids used to school schedule again, which means a 6:30 a.m. alarm. I promised them that if they got up with the alarm today, I'd play games with them. So here's an early-morning Cataan, Jr. game with Kavya, to be followed by Plants vs. Zombies with Anand. And oh, Kavya was very pleased to beat me thoroughly. (Recommend this game highly for age 6 and up. Possibly a precocious age 5.)

Now they're freeze-dancing to ABBA's "Dancing Queen."

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  1. Katie’s started to play with the newest Cataan expansion (fishers and spice traders of Cataan). We don’t play as ruthlessly with her as we might do with each other, but it is extremely pleasant to be able to play actual real games with her. She’s also graduated to the real rules of Ticket to Ride, Monopoly, Life, Yatzdee, Clue, etc. In a year or so, Kavya might be ready too. Something to look forward to.

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