So I have three pieces…

So I have three pieces of discipline to try to implement (and habituate) over the summer; since summer is much less frantic for me, it seems a good time to try to make positive changes:

a) get through the entire e-mail backlog by the end of summer, and aim for Inbox Zero going forward, from September on

b) go to my gym regularly (at least three times / week) for classes and swimming

c) eat healthier (I do okay right now, lots of cooking, little processed food, but am trying to incorporate more fruits/veg in all the meals -- it's still too easy to default to bread + cheese too often)

I can't do it all at once; willpower fatigue will set in, I know. This week, the main task has been to run Baydin's The E-mail Game daily, and try to process at least 50 messages/day (I have a backlog of over a thousand, sigh). I was planning to work on b/c next week, but I'm feeling a bit restless right now, so maybe I'll at least look at my gym schedule and see if there's a class I can get to today. And also schedule some classes / swim time for next week. Small steps.

And of course, write and read. Daily writing and reading starts next week; this is my mostly-vacation-clean-house-sort-garden week.

Anything you're working on?

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