I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I can intersperse my computer/book work with yard work. Just being outside, in the rain or sun or wind or whatever, for an hour or so a day, is a tonic to body and soul. I wasn't doing anything glamorous today -- just hauling mulch around, sweeping up debris, collecting and throwing out trash. But the physical activity felt GREAT, and also helped with my ongoing anxiety about my e-mail problem.

What kind of outside activity do people do in winter that's equivalent? I don't want to give this up again.

It doesn't hurt that it comes with such splendid rewards, too.

My friend Dan often says that we live in a fairy tale house. I admit, this bit is starting to look a bit Briar Rose-ish. :-)

I'll note, however, that this rose is thornless, making it perhaps too easy for heroes to hack their way through...

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