I came *this* close to…

I came *this* close to telling my three-year-old son to "fuck off" tonight. I almost never swear, especially not with that language, and certainly not at them. Never. But Anand was being his MOST obnoxious, MOST tantrum-y, MOST three-year-old testing limits self tonight and working my very last nerve. Luckily, Kevin heard me shouting (non-obscenities) up the stairs at the pair of them, and came out of his office (where he'd been working on his grant (on deadline) and said, "It sounds like you need a break." And then he took over for the rest of the night, thank god. *I* am going to start crocheting an afghan now. A large, mindless, soothing afghan, until all the tension in my shoulders dissolves. So I don't end up doing injury to my exasperating but still-beloved little childrens.

This is the afghan, by the way, Donna Yacino's Greenway. I'll be doing it in Berocco Vintage, in more holiday shades. A harlequin diamond Christmas project. If Anand continues exasperating enough, I may even finish it in time for this Christmas.

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