I sort of want to call…

I sort of want to call this the Frustration Afghan (ref. last night's meltdown post), but that's not really fair to it. It's my Christmas Harlequin instead. So far, loving this pattern (Greenway, free on Ravelry), loving the colors I�m using. I wanted Christmas-y, but not the standard red/white/green, so there�s a pink and purple in there too, all in Berocco Vintage�s muted jewel tones. I think this will be lovely.

It takes me about one 45-minute tv show to do a row of diamonds. Most people seem to complete the blanket in about a month, though I have no idea how much time they spend on it. :-)

Great tutorial here with clear pics and instructions for the dc3tog stitch, which is easy, once you see what they're doing.

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