This is my day off, the…

This is my day off, the first day in I can't remember how long, and I'm almost not sick anymore -- my only job is to rest and enjoy myself (at least until the kids start coming home around 3-ish.) I am spoiled for choice on how to relax best, and almost paralyzed by it.

  • Do I keep reading Susanna Kearsley's totally awesome Winter Sea? (And Susan Groppi, I think it may have been you who recommended this fabulous historical romance -- if so, thank you thank you.)

  • Do I work on clearing the library and/or my office? (Having either clear would give me great satisfaction.)

  • Do I walk to the new yarn store in Forest Park and pick up a dozen wound balls of Berocco Vintage for this winter's crocheted afghan project, and possibly some sock-weight yarn for airplane knitting?

  • Do I open up Civilization and conquer the world for an hour -- oh, so tempting, but in some ways, an empty satisfaction.

  • Do I take down the Halloween decorations and bring out the Thanksgiving ones?

  • Do I actually work on my pile of e-mail? (Hell, no.)

Perhaps a cup of tea will clear my mind. When in doubt...

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