Okay, so diet talk here….

Okay, so diet talk here. FA folks, just skip this post. I promise the blog isn't going to turn into all-about-diet-all-the-time.

I joined Weight Watchers today; there's an office just two blocks from my house, which is convenient. I signed up for a month to start; we'll see if I do more than a month. I picked up one of their cookbooks too, and a set of stainless serving spoons that looks like normal spoons but are in 1/4 c., 1/2 c. and 1 c. measures, which will be useful, I think. Sometimes my visual estimates are way off. And I tried their salted caramel smoothie, because that sounded awesome, but sadly, it doesn't taste awesome; gunky milk-powder taste, and no salt that I could taste. Definitely not worth a dollar a shake.

I'm not going to eat a lot of their prepared meals (though I did grab a few frozen ones for when I'm too exhausted to cook); I plan to keep cooking and eating lots and lots of real food. I've counted calories and carbs before, and I have a pretty good sense of all of that, and don't mind doing the math; I could lose weight just doing that again, but I thought some accountability might help me stay consistent with it. It may not help at all; thought it was worth a shot.

I've lost 30 pounds (of pregnancy weight) and kept it off for years, but my body seems to have plateau'd where it is, and I think I'm going to have to work a bit harder to drop the last 25 to get to what my doctor wants. (I'm hypothyroid and had gestational diabetes, and would like to ward off real diabetes, or I probably wouldn't bother losing more weight, since I'm reasonably content with how I look (most days).)

I cooked from their cookbook tonight, in part because I often feel a little stuck on new recipe ideas; I'm vaguely thinking I'll try to cook something from there every week. Pleasantly surprised to find the spicy Korean grilled pork bulgogi and the brown rice, squash and scallion stir-fry in the WW I Love Leftovers cookbook were really good. I'll be happy to eat them tomorrow too as leftovers. Gives me hope that their other dishes might not be terrible. :-) Now I just need to start exercising again, and get enough sleep (which I think I'll be good.

Having lunch at Meli with a friend tomorrow; that may be a challenge. Good thing I don't eat out often. :-)

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Thanks for the suggestion! If I run out of things I like in this cookbook, I’ll try that one next…

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