I’m thinking about how…

I'm thinking about how much harder it would have been to staff Jaggery if I'd started this project twenty years ago, when I first started writing. Oh, there were South Asian diaspora writers around, certainly, but so few published ones. And the ones that I knew of were mostly busy writing books; I certainly hadn't met any of them.

Now, we have a mature community, with just a wealth of writers in America or elsewhere in the diaspora -- and a much easier connection through the internet to writers based in South Asia. Many of them have advanced degrees in creative writing and/or literature. It's not hard finding fiction and poetry editors with great qualifications now -- there are a ton of terrific folks available and interested, and now it's a matter of balancing an interesting editorial team. I'm spoiled for choice.

I'm getting close to finalizing our editorial line-up; I expect to be done by the end of the week. It's kind of amazing that we have the community now to put this together in just a week; twenty years ago, I felt so alone.

(Just as a note, a few people had asked whether non-South Asians could be on staff, and the answer is yes, if you have a strong interest in South Asia. I'm full-up on fiction & poetry applicants now, but if you have an interest in editing one of the other departments (articles, reviews, poetry) or in publicity or fund-raising, please do drop me a line. ASAP. :-)

Don't these bios look awesome? :-)

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