Plan for today: get…

Plan for today: get dressed in real clothes (as opposed to the shlumpy and mismatched stuff I threw on to drop-off kids), go drop off Anand's preschool party invites at school (because I forgot this morning, sigh), get cash, get sewing supplies (took first basic sewing class last night, and it was awesome, but I am apparently ill-equipped in basic supplies), take guitar to get new strings, come home and have lunch, deal with some of e-mail backlog, revise CV and send to department, etc., write Guggenheim project desc, send out ditto, have first guitar lesson @ 1:30 (goal -- in six weeks, be able to actually play a folk song @ tempo), plant hydrangeas and fall-blooming crocuses, pick up kids from school, do more e-mail if they allow it, make rice, eat early dinner, go into campus for department reading from 6-8. Should be a nice, if full, day.

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