Kavi and I have finally…

Kavi and I have finally caught the head-aching, nose-stuffed cold that Kevin and Anand have been suffering all weekend. Awesome. Ow.

I had a pretty good and productive day yesterday -- a lot of laundry, hemming a curtain, planting four hydrangeas (two Cityline Mars, two Let's Dance Big Easy) and moving a rose (John Cabot) to sunnier locale, a desi book club meeting, Kavi's school's harvest fair. This morning, I managed to hang the curtain, mow the backyard, and re-plant a last rose (Zephirine Drouhin, and just in time). But then I spent the rest of the day surfing the web fairly aimlessly.

I did find bedding for Anand's new bed (Madras), and picked out the bed, but that really shouldn't take eight hours, even with half-watching the kids (while Kev did the other half) the rest of the day. Sigh.

Hopefully this cold won't get in the way of working tomorrow; it's supposed to be a writing day, and I also have a hundred or so fall-blooming crocuses and a dozen alliums to plant.

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