My workshop really liked…

My workshop really liked The Stars Change, which is tremendously heartening. Suggestions for revisions are almost all small fixes, and I don't think there will be any big structural rearrangements, hooray! :-) I do think I want to add another 10-15K words, and I'm going to take a few weeks off before I come back to the book, but I think I'm in good shape to be completely done with it by the end of October (and ready for proofreading, Shmuel :-). With the goal of taking lots of orders in November and ship out in time for Christmas. I am still not quite sure what to do in terms of POD vs. printer vs. small press vs. big press, but that's a whole big conversation for another day. I may be asking for some advice.

Last night, sadly, I slept badly and now have a pounding headache, so teaching is more challenging than usual. My morning class went well, as we finally started heading into literature with A Passage to India, but it took us an hour to thoroughly cover three very short chapters. We can't cover the rest of the book at that depth, which I think is okay, esp. for a 100-level class. But we had good discussion today, and I look forward to continuing it next week. After that class, I met with an independent study student, and then prepped for my imminent workshop class -- bewilderingly, one of the students seems not to have turned his story in, which almost never happens, esp. not this early in the semester. Hope he's okay.

And then home, and a meeting with the architect about our battered garage, which we may be rebuilding if the quote isn't too high. If it's too high, then we'll be trying to patch the holes in the foundation, planing the warped door, slapping on a coat of paint, and hoping it'll last for a few more years, at least. Cross fingers for good numbers for us.

And after THAT, I finish revising my CV and send it off to several people who need it. And then I watch the kids for a while, and make rice to go with the leftover curries for dinner. And then @ 7 I have my first basic sewing class through the Park District, which will be awesome, if my head isn't pounding too badly. Memo to self: keep ibuprofen at desk. And that's my day -- long and full and basically great. Except for this headache.

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