Okay, so I don’t have…

Okay, so I don't have ADD. But what's odd about this cartoon is how strongly I've been feeling like this lately; I was just talking to Kevin last night about how even when I've blocked off a few hours to relax, I can't seem to actually relax. Even if I'm reading, I have 'knit! play piano! nap!' blinking in the back of my head. It's really annoying and I don't know where it's coming from, since actually, I'm probably more caught up on my life than I have been since Kavi was born five years ago. What the hell.

4 thoughts on “Okay, so I don’t have…”

  1. Curious. I got two email notifications this morning that you had posted a new entry, but there is only one new entry. (I do have ADD, so I notice such things, sometimes!)

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