I was just struck by how…

I was just struck by how pretty my living room is in the sumer, with the curtains drawn against the sun (to keep our AC costs down), the purple velvet couch slipcovered, the new ottoman storage. I loves it. (This photo makes it look darker than it is -- see next photo for truer colors)

Fan: Restoration Hardware (period-stylish, sturdy, and heavy, usually on-sale at the end of the summer, so now's a good time to look).

  • Sheer off-white cotton curtains: IKEA ($20 or so a pair, I think)
  • Sisal rug: IKEA (also the cheapest source for this kind of thing I could find)
  • Slipcover: Potter Barn (this is the casual drapey dropcloth kind, which was a lot cheaper than a very fitted one -- an actual painter's canvas would be even cheaper, of course :-) I like the artsy look, at least in summer, though it's not for everyone.
  • Ottomans: Target, and I LOVE them -- the kids have one each, and can clean up FAST, tossing toys inside. They also come in brown and black leather-type finishes. It's hard to see in this photo, but they have nail-head trim at the bottom.
  • End tables: from Pottery Barn many years ago, and sadly, the finish hasn't held up so well, but I do like the shape for kid-book storage.
  • Embroidered butterfly and dragonfly pillows: Pottery Barn

    • Chair: custom from Walter E. Smith.
    • Embroidered pillow: Pier 1
    • End table: I bought it in Sri Lanka for $10 or so; it folds flat, and I brought it back in my suitcase. :-)

    • Chair: This is the writing chair I bought with some of my advance money for Bodies in Motion; I love it, and am writing in it right now.
    • Lap desk: Levenger ($50 seems expensive for a skinny piece of wood, but it is SUPER-useful)
    • Pharmacy lamp: Restoration Hardware
    • End table: Nadeau

    How much do I love that someone makes Indian block-print curtain tie-backs? Sadly, Urban Outfitters doesn't seem to offer them anymore, but Google indicates others offer similar items.

    It was July before I got around to trying to make some summer decor for the house. What do you think of as summer decor? I ended up settling on sailboats this year.

    I got a little compulsive one night making little blue boats. One of the cheapest crafts ever -- I think it was something like $3 for 100 sheets.

    I sewed them onto silver embroidery thread loops (with a tiny seed bead on the inside to hold it on easily), and hung them on some tall twigs that tend to live in a tall glass vase in our front hall.

    I particularly like the interaction of textures here -- the richly-colored tiny boats, the silvery metallic thread, the natural branches, the pattern on the anaglypta paper.

    Close-up. :-)

    I saw this sailboat garland at Land of Nod -- it's meant for decorating a child's nautical bedroom.

    I briefly thought about trying to sew similar ones myself out of burlap to save money, but then I decided I was too tired, and bought their garland ready-made for $20. I really like the way it echoes the burlap on our dining table chairs.

    Close-up! :-)

    And I'm still not sure what to do with these. They're little boats cut and folded from a book of fairy tales (bought on clearance for the purpose of making paper crafts :-). These are designed to stand up, and they sort of do, but they also sort of fall over. I think I may have to glue them a bit so they're not falling apart, and then they could go on a garland too. But I'm not going to get to it this summer, I think. That's okay -- a head start on next summer's decor. :-)

    (Now it's time to start collecting fall leaves, I think.)

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