Kevin Turns…

Kevin Turns 42!

Kavya (in fancy party clothes and braided hair, as requested) waits impatiently and excitedly for Kevin's balloon (apparently a requirement for a birthday, even when one is turning 42).

It is really remarkably easy to make chocolate-covered strawberries, even when one is pretty tired.

I offered Kevin a fancy birthday dinner, but I admit, I was grateful that he was happy with Mexican takeout instead. (Los Chilaquiles; it was good. Actually spicy!) After dinner, we threw together a quick berry shortcake. The kids only spattered a little bit.

(What happened to Anand's shirt? Ask the glass of mango juice that spilled all over it at dinner.)

See, that looks reasonably festive, right? (I know, the cream on Anand's face helps with that.) Kev is very fond of fruit, so this was calibrated to be the kind of birthday cake he would actually enjoy.

Close-up, with perhaps too much whipped cream (lightly sweetened) for Top Chef, but a goodly amount for our tastes.

People, she's five! This sort of thing is fast becoming her default pose for photos. Where does she learn it? How much trouble will we be in when she hits the teen years?

Take a deep breath, everyone...

I had no energy for separate plates; thankfully, this worked just fine.

When the grown-ups gave up, the kids went full force.


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