Sri Lankans (and anyone…

Sri Lankans (and anyone else with access to MD sauces)! I have a new favorite breakfast! Scrambled egg and grated cheese on a flour tortilla with MD green chili sauce. SO GOOD.

  • buy curtain rod (small dark round finials to match) -- DONE
  • buy conditioner -- DONE
  • take Kavi for kindergarten readiness test on Tuesday -- DONE (and passed!)
  • buy Kavi's school shoes -- DONE
  • send out moderator e-mails -- DONE
  • Skype with Marg @ 1 re: illustration -- DONE
  • pay Kavi's school fees -- DONE
  • make Pam a to-do list -- DONE
  • call Barbara @ 2 re: illustration -- DONE
  • get Sri Lankan groceries -- DONE
  • return overdue library books -- DONE
  • take Kavi to get library card (need for school) -- DONE
  • plant foxglove -- DONE
  • add ORDER KICKSTARTER to top page (after getting Jack's cover) -- DONE

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  1. What are MD sauces? Searching, I can only find references to sauce companies in Maryland. Are you really talking about Maryland sauces??

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