I worked like crazy…

I worked like crazy today, and am now exhausted, but satisfied. I miss Kevin like crazy, but there's a certain focus that comes from being the only adult in the house. The kind of focus that means you don't want to take your eye off anything in case the children burn the house down.

But now they're snug in their beds, and I'm fortifying myself with a glass of red wine, mackerel curry and rice, and Mary Robinette Kowal's delightful Glamour in Glass. Before going on to do more of it tomorrow. Although, thankfully, Angeli is coming by to write with me, which will give me a good reason to keep my butt in a chair for several hours, rather than running around like a madwoman as I did today.

Goal: knock some of the Academic and Writing tasks off that to-do list.

  • register for Nonfiction Now -- DONE
  • make Nonfiction Now hotel reservation -- DONE
  • plant phlox -- DONE
  • tie up rose and gladilous -- DONE
  • go for check-up on Wednesday (fast in morning, sigh) -- DONE
  • revise "Saying Hello," and send out for last crits -- DONE
  • layout promo booklet for WorldCon -- DONE
  • clean up porch -- DONE

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