I have a project I could…

I have a project I could use advice on. I'd like to a) download a free map of Sri Lanka (ideally a detailed one, with lots of cities, etc.), and b) print it on fabric (at Spoonflower), and then c) buy the fabric and sew curtains out of it. There's a narrow window that needs a curtain, and I'd love to have a Sri Lanka map hanging there; it's just off the library, leading up to the kids' rooms, and I think it'd be perfect.

So does this sound feasible? I tried just looking for Sri Lanka map fabric already printed up to buy, but couldn't find any. Any suggestions for good places to download copyright-free map images? (I would actually be happy with an antique map of Ceylon too, if that's easier to find.) I also don't mind paying up to $25 or so to buy a high-res map if there isn't a good one available for free.

And those who have used Spoonflower, any pitfalls I should know about? What should I be careful of when trying to do this?) I'd be trying to put the map on a khaki/tan, light gold or possibly dark red background, to coordinate with the rest of the room.

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