I’m mending. This only…

I'm mending. This only happens once every three months or so (in this case, spurred by wanting to wear one sweater on the Bay Area trip), but when it does, I'm reminded that mending is sort of like magic. Five minutes with a needle and thread, and boom! Hole gone, clothes like new. I'm not going to get through the whole mending basket today, but it's nice to get a few pieces done and back into wearing rotation. :-)

Also, on a completely separate note, can I just say that I love Anthropologie? I hadn't realized it until recently, because I actually own only half a dozen clothing pieces of theirs, since even though I buy them on final clearance sale, they start out so hideously expensive -- but the truth is, I wear their clothes to death. For example, on this trip, I am packing clothes for five days, and one, two, three days are Anthro, just because they're my favorite pieces. (One lacy vest, one flower-embroidered shirt, one mermaid-y sweater). I do have one fabulous sweater from them that I never wear because it is too itchy for me, but that's really my mistake, not theirs. I'm starting to think I should just give up on buying anything (other than socks and undies and t-shirts) anywhere else -- I should just save up so I can buy my clothes from there. They make me so HAPPY.

3 thoughts on “I’m mending. This only…”

  1. Bad news fine friend:

    This [picture of an ugly CEO] is Richard Hayne, President and CEO of Urban Outfitters. He�s also a supporter of Rick Santorum and donated over $13,000 to him. He�s against gay marriage and abortion.

    His company pulled a pro-gay shirt back in 08, they also blatantly ripped off an Etsy designers work, featured a t-shirt for women that said �eat less� and most recently had a card with a �tranny� slur on in.

    He also owns Anthropologie and Free People.

  2. OK. But think of all the money you’ll save if you boycott. $88! $108! $218!

    I love Anthropologie too so I’ll use whatever excuse I need to save $1,888,888!

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