Kindle question. If I…

Kindle question. If I have to take my laptop on a trip anyway, and I want a bunch of Kindle books to read on the plane, do I also need to take my Kindle? Is there a way to download the books to the laptop, or can I only read on the laptop when connected to the cloud?

Also, California, here I come! (I'll be in Walnut Creek to celebrate Jed's birthday and attend FogCon.)

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  1. There are free Kindle readers for many platforms. Download from Amazon and identify it as a destination.

    I am a Wintel and Linux person but I will bet there is one for Mac. I have one on my Droid 3 which I think is the perfect reading platform because the narrow display obviates the need for lateral eye movement.

    With all of love,

    C. J. Czelling

  2. Hi Mary,

    No, you don’t need to take your Kindle with you. (Your laptop though needs an Internet connection to download the books beforehand.)

    First, download your Kindle App (

    I’m not familiar with the online version, but at least for the desktop client, click on Archived Items (the books you bought but haven’t downloaded yet to the computer) and then it’ll start the download on those books you selected.

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