Four Notes from Two…

Four Notes from Two Weeks of Weight-Lifting and Walking:

1. Last week, I dug for a couple of hours, taking plants out of the ground, putting them in. Last fall, when I did something similar, I was miserably achingly sore the next day. This time, I pretty much felt fine the next day. I think it must be the weight-lifting that made the difference -- it's making my back muscles stronger. Cool.

2. I tried on some of my summer shirts recently. I haven't gotten any smaller, after two weeks of lifting weights and walking a lot (an hour or so walk) on the days I'm not lifting. In fact, my arms and shoulders are slightly bigger, I think -- the cap sleeves on one shirt were uncomfortably tight. I think I'm okay with that.

3. I have more energy. Yes, on the days I lift, I'm kind of wiped afterwards (though also oddly invigorated). And sometimes my muscles are pretty draggy the following day. But despite that, I have more energy to go through my whole day. It's weird.

4. I can't deny that I would like to be thinner too; I'm not immune to the cultural beauty messages. But at least for now, I'm choosing a workout that emphasizes strength, endurance, ability. I want to be able to run, to lift, to dig. So far, so good. Next week, according to this lifting plan, the weights increase, the reps decrease. Let's see what happens.

2 thoughts on “Four Notes from Two…”

  1. (Ipsita) Nova Bhattacharya

    lifting weights will definitely expand your shoulders and arms (try getting into a sari blouse after a lifting plan!)

    Taking a magnesium supplement can help with the draggy feeling.

    If you are a following a plan I imagine it incorporates stretches – it it totally worth the time and effort – again will help avoid the draggy feeling.

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