Hey, folks! I know I’ve…

Hey, folks! I know I've been plugging my Kickstarter project, Demimonde, a lot lately, but today I wanted to take a moment to mention that the Strange Horizons fund drive is running right now!

Of all the projects I've worked on, I'm probably the proudest of Strange Horizons. Since the day I founded it (over a decade ago), it has become one of the foremost magazines in the genre, and I would bet it's the place that most of the exciting new professional SF/F writers of the last decade have gotten their start. It's a wonderful legacy for me, and it's a little amazing that something that started out with a few bright-eyed volunteers has turned into such a shining star in the speculative literature firmament.

So if you can spare a few bucks to support terrific science fiction and fantasy, please stop by the fund drive and take a look. There are some amazing donor prizes there too! Enjoy!

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