The painters have…

The painters have finally started, hooray! This is actually the second batch of painters -- for the most part, our contractors have been great, but let us just say that we came to irreconcilable differences with the first painters. (The ones who almost burned down our house, but that's actually not relevant, amazingly enough.)

We're painting the house blue and purple. Which, y'know, can be a little intense. Here's a selection of blue and purple Victorians (many of which liberally add in the pink). None of these are my house, but perhaps they will prepare you for the delight to come. :-)

Soon, the real thing. :-) Ours is mostly dark blue, with purple trim, so closer to the last two than any of the others.

2 thoughts on “The painters have…”

  1. Oooh. I really like the last one. There’s enough of the light color trim to offset the dark blue.
    I’m sure that the same balance can be achieved with yours.
    Don’t forget three coats for new work (incl. primer.) Two coats for existing work unless changing color severely. And no painting under 40 deg. F. or if damp from rain.

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