I woke up feeling…

I woke up feeling despondent; too much packing / broken things / unpacking / stuff to buy & decide still. Was self-medicating with leftover fried rice, hot tea, and the re-read of an old and much beloved book, McKillip's Riddle-Master of Hed. So good. Paused to check journals, and found this, which was also cheering (although not if you think about current public opinion on the topic, which is probably what this is directed at, but still...):

It's funny -- I've pretty much wanted to be an English professor since I was young, and I knew I'd love getting paid to sit around and talk about books. But I didn't expect that the teaching itself would be such sheer joy. And yes, I need to keep this in mind when I'm facing a flood of final paper / project grading -- that's the the next three days. But it'll be interesting seeing what they've made of their last work of the semester -- inevitably, at least a few of them will do even better than I expect. That's a real pleasure.

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