Notable nice things…

Notable nice things about the new house so far:

  • I really love the colors on the first floor -- the richness of the jewel tones, and the flow from room to room, with the warm wood floors, is just so pretty. Various contractor / repair folks have commented on our colors, and our floors, in the last few days. I'm glad other people appreciate them too.

  • The push-button switches on the first floor are just fun to use. I'm sure the novelty will wear off with time, but at least right now, I'm enjoying them.

  • I like that I can get up in the morning, come downstairs, and put on music for a couple of hours before anyone else wakes up. The last rental was too small for that -- it would have woken up the kids and Kev. When I lived alone, I had music playing most of the time, and I've missed it a lot.

  • I love all the tall windows. The first house we wanted to buy in Oak Park had tall windows; it sold before we could even put our condo on the market. And even though we tried to buy other houses after that, I was always sort of mourning those windows. Now I have them back -- the first floor has 10' ceilings and windows that must be at least 8' tall. They bring so much light through the space, even on grey days. And when it's sunny -- woot! The kids also like that all the windows come so low -- on every floor, I've caught them just hanging out and staring out the windows at the world going by. They're not used to being tall enough to see out windows.

I have a (long) list of annoying things too, but I'm going to save that for a crankier moment. :-)

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