Miss Kavya chillin’ on…

Miss Kavya chillin' on the back deck, having her breakfast, day-after-move-in, accompanied by milk and mandevilla. Note Anand's feet at bottom left; he was undoubtedly getting into mischief. Not pictured but present, Ellie basking in sunshine.

And yes, the to-do list returns, in slightly less frenzied form. There isn't quite as much time pressure now, but there's quite a lot to do this week. My family is arriving on Thursday for a five day visit, and we're having Kavi's birthday party on Saturday, which serves to prompt us to actually get some stuff done instead of just collapsing into exhausted heaps. (There's been a lot of collapsing, the last three days, in part because living on four stories instead of one suddenly means our thighs are getting an unexpected workout. It's good for us, but we're not used to it, and when you add in hauling a lot of boxes up and down, ow.) This should be, hooray, the last super-busy week for a long time.

  • run dryer again / pick up remaining fridge items from old house (before kids wake up) -- DONE
  • get fruit and make fruit salad for brunch -- DONE
  • 10:00 brunch with Ravi and Rupa -- DONE
  • unpack and clear foyer -- DONE
  • find a laundry basket and pile in the dirty clothes (instead of leaving them in a pile on the floor) -- DONE
  • set up clothes rack and put away some clothes -- DONE
  • send Kevin to get dry clothes / clean dishes from old house -- DONE
  • talk to Tonya re: yard -- DONE


  • Walgreens (pick up thread, Synthroid and new Vitamin D supplement, because apparently I am deficient), groceries -- DONE
  • finish sewing curtain for coat closet -- DONE
  • call Walter E. Smithe re: price discrepancy -- DONE
  • call to have stove fixed (sigh), ask about missing fridge piece -- DONE
  • walk-through with Pam and generate punch / priority list -- DONE
  • research washer/dryer with Kev -- DONE
  • buy mattress with Kev -- DONE
  • clear out master bedroom for mattress / frame delivery -- DONE
  • grade 358 -- DONE
  • sort out 6-week class situation (urgent!) -- DONE
  • take Kavi on an ice cream adventure -- DONE


  • grade 474
  • submit final grades
  • find and drop off party invites at school (urgent!)
  • 8:30 -- electricians and painters will be here
  • unpack and clear kitchen
  • 10:00 - meet with zinc guy
  • Home Depot: lights, shower curtain rod, lightbulbs, guest bath faucet

  • 12:30 - meet with Manny re: fence
  • borrow air mattress from generous friend?
  • catalog guest bedding / towels -- buy what's missing for two sets of guests
  • buy microwave (at Best Buy?)
  • buy washer / dryer
  • call to have dishwasher fixed
  • make decisions on all shelving / wood-working

  • deal with backlogged e-mails
  • work on web page for department
  • send Kevin to exchange baby gates for ones that work
  • install gates


  • kids at home
  • queen headboard, sofa, and chair delivered
  • unpack whatever's left on first floor
  • finish prepping for parents' arrival -- what else? afternoon:

  • pick up roses at Gethsemane
  • swing by Nadeau, check out screen for playroom, mirror for powder room
  • Land of Nod ball / stuffed animal storage?


  • all-day department meeting
  • parents arrive around 10


  • cook for party
  • take kids to zoo with parents
  • Sharmi arrives around 7


  • Mirna and Gian arrive early
  • party!
  • Ryan arrives late

3 thoughts on “Miss Kavya chillin’ on…”

  1. Just a suggestion, when waiting for a plumber/electrician/furniture delivery…THAT’s when you schedule the grading. Because then they will show up instantly, on time.

    Nice pic of Kavi! When are you guys coming back down to New England?

    (I also have a question for you, in the purely hypothetical planning sense… if the Rep wanted to do a reading of one of your plays, at some point, what would it involve? I’m trying to come up with some idea for a fundraiser that would broaden the Rep’s base a little, kicking around the idea of reading things by people who were/are residents of New Britain. If you know any local (CT/New Britain) playwrights who might be willing to participate, let me know… and no huge hurry)

  2. Sumana Harihareswara

    I’m so happy for you that you’ve moved in! And that the place looks great and you’ll get to show it off to your giant family!

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Heh. Only six of them are coming (immediate family), so not so giant. 🙂 And the place is only great in patches at this point…but it will get better, I’m pretty sure. I really ought to take more pictures of the broken parts; the backyard is pretty impressively hideous right now, for example…

    Catherine, I think it may be quite a while before our next trip out East. Budget is shot! So quite possibly next year sometime, I’m afraid. And of course I’d be delighted to have something of mine performed there, though I haven’t written a full-length play (yet). Just a ten-minute play and some monologues. I’m afraid I don’t know any other New Britain playwrights…

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