It is feeling very quiet…

It is feeling very quiet and echo-y here. Hello? Hello??? Is anybody still listening out there? Is this thing on?

5:45 a.m. Sun update: is perhaps best not to post such notes on Saturday night, as the results will likely be dispiriting. I'm hoping it's just that you all have more interesting lives than we do, and not that my readers have all slowly drifted away. Sigh.

At least I can be reasonably sure that the grandparents will check in eventually. Two quick pics from their last visit; everyone got caught in the rain, but the library made a safe haven. Kavi is actually quite happy in that picture, although it's hard to see it -- she's very intent on the book her grandmother is reading. Anand is just delighted to discover the sit-and-spin.

4 thoughts on “It is feeling very quiet…”

  1. Reading. Yesterday my partner and I put an offer on a 110-year-old house we want so much. The pre-moving work would be nothing like yours, but I think having all the decisions you’ve made throughout the process are helping me envision what I’ll want. It’ll be livable with new paint and maybe (alas!) roof work, but then we’ll want to redo the kitchen and adjacent bathroom after living there a year to be sure what we want, of course reopening the kitchen stairs to the second floor and and and….

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Oh, hey! Hi! Someone’s here! I love you!

    More seriously, crossing my fingers for you that you get it. The house will be crooked, but it’s the crooked bits that you’ll love most, I think. 🙂

    I’m so glad my renovation blogging has been helpful. I do wish we’d been able to add a second staircase in the back of the house from the kitchen to the second floor, but it just wasn’t feasible space/budget-wise — and really, would have been sort of silly, since the main stair opens into the middle of the second floor, rather than the front.

    There’s something about the idea of a back stair that is so charming, though. Maybe because it comes with the idea of a horde of servants rushing about.

  3. I’m still reading too, just been a crazy busy weekend, haven’t had the chance to just sit down and read my blogs.

  4. Wendy Shaffer

    Still reading! With considerable interest. Apparently not feeling very chatty lately, though.

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