Sorry about these to-do…

Sorry about these to-do lists, guys. It's just a busy busy time, and I get a little panicky about forgetting things.

  • pick up library books / pay fine -- DONE
  • revise mystery story -- DONE
  • submit to other writing group -- DONE
  • send Deb pics of zinc countertop detail options -- DONE
  • decide on white or sea salt for sink -- DONE
  • sketch design for turret trim -- DONE
  • edit video of Anand and upload (per Sharmi's request)


  • make appts. for Anand (immunizations / burn), Kavi (hearing), Ellie (immunizations / heartworm / check-up)
  • call doctor for Synthroid prescription refill
  • talk to Art Institute, & Chicago Cultural Center re: Kriti venue
  • talk to Anu re: Eye on India partnership possibility
  • e-mail computer guy re: ASAM web pages
  • set up grad student brown bag lunch series
  • pay street cleaning ticket, sigh
  • drive up to KIA store (call first) and see if they can replace taillight
  • if okay'd, pick up samosas and sweets on Devon for ASAM receptions
  • order food for more elaborate Friday reception
  • finish grading colonialism essays

    Later in week:

  • put more lighting in car to take to house
  • unload lighting at house
  • go to IKEA with Kevin and check out closets and kitchen stainless shelving (Fri morn?)
  • go to stone warehouse with Kevin and check out soapstone (ditto?)
  • go to Virginia Tile and select / order fireplace replacement tile
  • return shoes to Lands' End if it's not too late
  • revise Red Sari Project pages

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