Just a few more pics…

Just a few more pics from today's work -- you can see the island waiting to be installed in the pic below (quartersawn oak), and also see how the living room color (FB Hague Blue) transitions to the cabinet color (BM Buckland Blue) and the kitchen wall color (FB Pavilion Gray). I like it.

Here's a slightly cleaner photo of just the wall color transition.

And here's two of our doors being stained. We're actually having a two-stain treatment on the doors and trim on the second and third floor, because we couldn't find a stain we liked in the Old Masters stain line. (We're not using Miniwax stain because apparently it doesn't take the tung oil well.) The first stain color is still fairly red (over the red oak), so there's a thin wash of a darker stain on top of it. They're staining the doors down in the basement, and my painter actually is nailing them to brackets (at the top, where it won't show at all), so they can stain it all in one go. Clever!

They just put in the little window in my office, but I forgot to take a picture of that. Today is mostly staining, as is tomorrow. They're waiting to install the island because they may need to move a heating duct -- they're checking the measurements now. They'll start hanging doors soon, as well as finishing up staining, and then start installing trim. The rest of this week and next week is all trims. The house is going to start looking much more finished very soon! And then the week of the 15th, tiling, mmmm....

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