It was a surreal…

It was a surreal experience, assigning my students to read my blog. I'm glad we're done with that part of the course now (and on to Scalzi), but it was also sort of fascinating doing it. Among a whole host of other things, I learned that according to them, my life is a lot more balanced than it used to be. And that when things go badly, I'm much more likely to take it in stride, with a sort of calm fatalism, than I would have in my 20s, when I would go into a spiral of weeping despair for days on end.

Now, of course, I don't chronicle ALL of my weeping in my journal, so there's more weeping going on than people see, as when I cannot find the right fuschia for Kavi's room. Or when I decide Kevin doesn't really love me. But it's true that I get over that sort of thing a lot faster than I used to -- generally within half an hour, in fact. Look -- we grow, we mature! Excellent to see evidence of actual emotional progress.

And of course, the elements of my life have improved mightily since my early 20s too. Now I have a good job, work I love, some published books, a steady partner, a steady sweetie, two kids, a dog, and almost a house. :-) I even have most of my health (the main thing I can expect to lose in years to come, sigh). Life, it is good.

Now, if I could just have an extra twenty hours a week to rest and relax, I would believe my students when they tell me my life is balanced. I'm pretty sure running at a breakneck pace from morning to night doesn't qualify.

(I actually am planning to take it easy today, for a change. Yay, me.)

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