I really have a…

I really have a weakness for Indian-style block prints. And so I'm having a hard time resisting these new lovelies from Pier 1. The problems I have are that a) I think the measuring cups might be annoying to store, since they don't stack, b) they might be annoying to use, being heavier than my metal measuring cups, c) the little mugs aren't the best shape for actually holding a decent amount of tea and keeping it warm, and d) they don't match my kitchen (with our new open shelving, I'm aiming towards whites and off-whites, and maybe blues, I think). But I'm wondering if the little mugs might work well on a desk, to hold office supplies? I always seem to need paper clips. Or in my craft area, to hold bits and bobs of supplies while I'm working?

Sigh -- probably not for us, since we have no budget for fripperies right now. But perhaps one of you might enjoy them....

Coffee Cups, $18.95 / set of 4

Measuring Cups, $12 / set of 4

Found via Once Upon a Teatime.

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