This Saturday, I’ll be…

This Saturday, I'll be on a panel at Columbia College with a host of august journalists, talking about S. Asians in the media. I feel a little out of my depth, honestly, since it's not exactly my field -- I'm usually the one being examined, not the examiner. But it should be interesting! Maybe I will mostly ask questions of the other panelists...

Details on Facebook, including how to RSVP.

Topics include:

- Current state of ethnic and mainstream press

- How South Asians in Chicago are covered today - locally and nationally

- How South Asia is covered today - locally and nationally

- What the community can do to help journalists tell better stories

- How to get your news into the news

- The media's ability to mobilize communities, support philanthropic and other nonprofit organizations

3 thoughts on “This Saturday, I’ll be…”

  1. If its anything like the way stuff in Egypt/the Middle East is covered, its unbalanced.

    I’ve found there is only coverage when things go wrong, leading people to believe that the country is horribly dangerous. There isn’t a lot of coverage of positive stuff, or showing of the good things about the culture/history/etc.

  2. I think you talking about your experiences being covered in the media would actually be very educational for them. (And maybe that of other S Asian Am writers you know.)

    Also, I think you are exceptionally qualified to discuss the blogosphere, which is traditional media’s primary competitor/nemesis now… perhaps discuss the differences between what you see in the mainstream media vs what you see online, and how old-school media can/must shift to be as nimble as blogs & tweets, etc etc.

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Minal — thanks! I was thinking of e-mailing you and asking your advice about this. But you took care of it for me! 🙂

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