I’ve been moving into a…

I've been moving into a kind of funk lately, and I would be more worried about my increasingly cranky mood, if the reason for it weren't so obvious -- I haven't been writing. And I'd be more cranky about that, except that not-writing is sort of a deliberate choice.

Because, see, I'm at the point where I have perhaps 3-5 days of solid work left to be done to finalize a really good draft of my book, ready to send to editors. And I want to do that all in one stretch, uninterrupted by grading and meetings and other nonsense. Which means that I can't start it until Thursday at the earliest -- and probably next Monday would make more sense, so I'm not interrupted by the weekend.

So the following week, Mon 10/13 - Fri 10/18, I can write from 8-4 every day, uninterrupted, which will be an inexpressible luxury and let me finish this book beautifully. So this week is preparatory week -- it's the week for cleaning and paperwork and knitting Xmas gifts and departmental meetings and final grading and Xmas baking and cooking meals and extra childcare duty so Kev can get through his administrative slam of work and all looking forward to my glorious clear week of writing to come. It makes sense.

But it still makes me cranky.

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  1. A week of full-time writing next week sounds great!

    But I wonder if you could also do a tiny bit of writing this week–take half an hour to write a short-short story or something–just to take the edge off the mood.

    Hope the preparatory stuff goes well.

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