Anand has finally…

Anand has finally discovered books. I was a little worried that he didn't seem that interested in them, and was inclined to blame our parenting, since I'm pretty sure we read to him a lot less than we read to Kavi at the same age. Perhaps we have already caused irreparable linguistic damage. But at least he's finally learned to like them. He seems to climb into my lap and demand book! book! every five minutes. So far he enjoys But Not the Hippopotamus, and is totally obsessed with That's Not My Dragon.

He is also obsessed with one piece of our Christmas decorating -- a musical snow globe. I don't think I've ever had one of these before, actually, and that seems a shame, because they're quite lovely and charming. Ours has a tree inside, and plays "Deck the Halls". It's almost too heavy for him to lift, and I worry that he's going to break it, but he loves it so much that I do let him play with it under supervision. And Kavi loves it just as much -- she's old enough to wind it herself, and last night I think she snuggled it and played with it for a good half an hour. I had to talk her out of taking it to bed with her.

It was fun having them come home from school and be surprised by the lighted tree (although Kavi was a bit perturbed that I hadn't waited for her to hang the ornaments -- oops. Next time). Perhaps my favorite moment of yesterday was when she stopped in the middle of playing to say, entirely unprompted, "Amma, all the Christmas things you did are so beautiful."

Finally, someone notices and appreciates. :-) Maybe this is why we have children?

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  1. This is sweet. There is a wonderful book called “I’d really like to eat a child”, and Neil Gaiman has a couple of children’s books as well….

  2. That’s so funny… Patrick just had his first birthday last weekend and received the hippo book and he LOVES the That’s Not My… series. (He has monkey, reindeer and puppy now and is getting snowman and dinosaur– in Spanish– for Christmas.) Glad Anand is discovering the wonder of books!

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