I just finished The…

I just finished The Hunger Games trilogy, and am a little disconcerted to find that the plot of her last book is kind of close to what I had planned to do in book two of my trilogy. Oops. Normally, I wouldn't worry about it, but given how insanely popular her series is, I think maybe it behooves me to rethink the plot of book two a bit.

In some ways it's frustrating, because she's already done what I wanted to do. In some ways it's good -- since she's done it, I don't feel as much like I have to, and maybe I can build on that and take it to the next level. The great literary conversation. And so it goes...

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  1. I also just finished the Hunger Games, and the trilogy as a whole is very, very similar to Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies trilogy.

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