Thrilled to have a tiny…

Thrilled to have a tiny memoir piece up on Huffington Post today, part of Nicole Walker's 7 Rings project -- This is the Dream. In this project, artists and writers take turns responding to each others' work; we each have twenty-four hours to create our response. I responded to Susan Silton's "Devotional / Lullaby."

...I rarely read romance novels. I have spates of them, now and then -- they attack like swarms of bees. At twelve, I read through an entire bookshelf of Barbara Cartlands -- each ending in an innocent kiss, promising wedded bliss to come...

-- This is the Dream

Thanks for inviting me to participate, Nicole! Really fun project! And thanks to Nilofer, Jed, and Dan, who offered crit on very short notice. :-) They made it better.

5 thoughts on “Thrilled to have a tiny…”

  1. The romance novels I like seem always to be of insufficient mass-market appeal to get beyond three books. The recent case in point, Jennifer Stevenson’s The Brass Bed and it’s two sequels. Or are they not actually romance novels??

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