Parenting Tip #87: If…

Parenting Tip #87: If your child suddenly refuses to eat vegetables (after happily eating them for years), stirring in some softened butter (not melted, since then she can't see it, and loudly complains that there's no butter there), makes them delicious and acceptable again. Whew. Butter saves the day!

2 thoughts on “Parenting Tip #87: If…”

  1. I tend to feel that butter makes everything better.

    I did more or less the same thing with some lowfat “fettucine alfredo” at a restaurant once. (For me, not for a kid.) As a former colleague of mine used to say, “Nothing wrong with this lowfat food that a little fat won’t fix.”

  2. I know what you mean. My little sister was amazed at how well my 4-year-old ate vegetables until she saw me preparing them. “Butter!” she exclaimed. I replied that I thought it was better to have a kid eat vegetables with butter than no vegetables at all, and anyway at 4 the kid is supposed to be getting cholesterol. And frankly, we eat more vegetables with a little butter too.

    2 weeks later my sister called back wanting to know how much butter I used, because it made things so delicious. It doesn’t take much.

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