A few more Halloween…

A few more Halloween photos -- Kavi's pre-school does a Halloween parade, which is pretty much just an excuse for parents to take photos. Which we did, dutifully. It was awfully cute.

Sorry these four are so blurry, but the little girls wouldn't stand still. And I wanted you to have a sense of how much fun Kavi has at school, especially now that Morgan and Maura have joined her class. This is Morgan:

There's Gigi too (not pictured) -- so there are now four little girls, about her size. It helps a lot with playground dynamics. Nina has been around for a while, but she's older and stronger and Kavi can't really keep up with her yet. Kavi also really likes T.J. (boy) -- he's more of a gentle kid than some of the other boys, and likes to dig in the dirt with her.

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