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I'm trying to keep the diet talk to a minimum, but wanted to note that according to my little Wii Fit, my BMI has finally dropped under 30, moving me from 'obese' to merely 'overweight'. And yes, insert obligatory disclaimer about fallibility of BMI as a absolute measure of fitness or health, but it is useful to me as a relative measure of how I'm doing. I'm feeling rather triumphant this morning. Yay, me!

I've now lost a bit more than 20 pounds, and it feels good. Still doing mostly low-carb, which I'm beginning to suspect is how I should live my life long-term, because I actually have more energy these days than I used to. Maybe my body doesn't actually like it when I feed it a heaping plate full of rice or pasta. Weird. I wish it had told me sooner. (True fact: Once, in college, I ate an entire loaf of bread at one sitting, with a big pot of beef curry. I just couldn't stop. Didn't even feel painfully full afterwards; that was a strange day.)

I'm not quite as calorie-restricted as I was pre-wedding, and the weight is coming off slower as a result, I think, but it's still coming off. I figure I have two more weeks to focus on this before school starts; I'm hoping to get down to 145, my high-end pre-baby weight, by then. We'll see. Also doing a lot more walking than I was, and I've ordered a Wii Fit stepper, because the exercise I do most on there is the aerobic step, and one inch is just not a good workout. The stepper will raise it up to four inches.

In the product research division: Mission Carb Balance tortillas -- tasty. Brownberry Health Fill bread -- like cardboard. I may actually throw it out (or feed it to the birds), which I have never done before. It's just that bad. Disappointing, since I usually like Brownberry's multi-grain breads. I need to go back to Whole Foods; they had a multi-grain bread with the same 15 carbs / slice as the Brownberry, but that bread was actually tasty. Smaller slices, but totally worth it for the taste difference. Will try to remember to let you know what the brand is, once I remind myself.

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  1. You might want to experiment with some healthier grains like quinoa to replace the rice. I have had luck using them in place of rice in many asian recipes.

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