Oh lord, this is…

Oh lord, this is beautiful. If we have any doors left over from the demo, I wonder if we could build this in our backyard...

I suspect this just looks dirty to a lot of people, but I love it.

5 thoughts on “Oh lord, this is…”

  1. I cannot figure out what it is. Is it a bed-sized framed structure covered with a plastic tarp? Is so, what is the glass rear wall that appears to open onto a greenhouse?

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    David, it’s from the Anthropologie catalog; they did a whole greenhouse shoot. So I don’t think this is anything so practical or realistic; I think they opened up one wall of the greenhouse and built a frame, through some tarps over it, stuck some doors on the front.

  3. Hoo boy,
    Wait until the building inspector checklists this one….. :^).
    I’ve heard of lying in a hammock watching the grass grow, but lying in bed watching your plants grow? But maybe it’s a different type of grass… “Honey, would you get up and pick a flower or two and bring me my papers?”
    When I was helping up in Gulfport MS after Katrina, there were people still living in shelters like this 6 months after the storm.
    No joking about that at all.

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