Sorry for the long radio…

Sorry for the long radio silence -- my sister Mirna's wedding to Gian was overwhelming, and I was essentially offline from Wednesday to now. We drove back from New York yesterday, arriving around 5 a.m., and are utterly exhausted today (in part because Anand gave us all his Martian death cold); this day is going to be dedicated to lying on the couch and catching up on tv. Possibly napping.

I'm not sure when/if I'll manage a real wedding write-up, so let me just say briefly that it went splendidly. And to tide you over, here are some early photos from the wedding; this set of photos were all taken by Gian's cousin Priyanka. Lots more to come. :-)

Here's me and Anand; this would be a more attractive photo if Anand hadn't drooled all over the front of his shirt -- oh well. Teething. What can you do? This is from Wednesday's brunch with Gian's family -- who are all quite lovely and fun, by the way. I have to say, both of my sisters have made excellent choices in the new relatives they've added to the family. Not just their spouses, but the extended set. I love the wealth of relatives we're accumulating.

Kavi as flower girl -- she managed to walk down the aisle all by herself, with just a little wobbling off course near the beginning; we were so proud.

Sharmila left and me right, during the ceremony.

Gian's parents -- this is one of my favorite photos so far -- just love the colors and composition. And they're so cute!

The stunning bride.

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  1. How wonderfully exotic to the western eye. Thank you for posting the photos. Yes the bride is beautiful. A wonderful smile.

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