Oh, Kavi is having a…

Oh, Kavi is having a hard time. It's always a little tough going back to school on Monday, but with Kevin gone, and then me having a class to teach last night (so she had Adriana watching her), she was upset yesterday when I dropped her off, and completely lost it today. Apparently she had two accidents at school yesterday, and every once in a while would just start crying and saying she wanted her daddy. It's funny, she hasn't said anything about missing Kevin while she's at home with me, but clearly, it's upsetting her that he's not around. Poor thing.

We'll pick her up at 4 today, and then no more school 'til next week. We leave tomorrow morning for Mirna's wedding in New York; we'll see Kevin tomorrow evening, and then all will hopefully be well with Kavya.

Now off to do a hundred and one errands before leaving town...

2 thoughts on “Oh, Kavi is having a…”

  1. She asked me a couple of times yesterday where her daddy is, but she didn’t seem really distressed or unhappy, just missing him. I told her she would get to see him in two days, and she seemed satisfied with that.

  2. Katie gets upset whenever Adrian is gone, and gets progressively more upset as time goes on. She never really says anything about it during the day but she used to start crying out for him in her sleep. Now she always talks about it at bedtime. And uses it as an excuse to try and blag herself into my bed instead of hers.

    I guess Kavi just feels her world isn’t too stable right now. Everything should settle back down to a routine once you get back from the wedding, though, which she should find reassuring.

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