Happy birthday to me!…

Happy birthday to me! :-) If you would like to get me a present, reading one of my stories would be a lovely gift. If you liked it, telling me so would be even better. (If you didn't like it, maybe wait until tomorrow to tell me? Thanks!)

And if you've read one of my books but haven't posted an Amazon review, it is really not too late, and would still be very helpful and greatly appreciated. I would love to see the one-star reviews completely buried; that would make me so happy.

It looks like work on the house may get pushed off another day or two, due to heavy rains and badly flooded basements in the area, resulting in panicked calls to my contractor. So it goes.

But I am compensated for the disappointment of that by the pleasure of Jed coming out to visit. He arrived last night, helped me take the kids into daycare this morning, and is working in my house right now. He'll be here through Wed; very nice.

4 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me!…”

  1. Mary Anne,

    ::digging out my old cassette tape of the Beatles White Album::
    :: cuing up the track of “Birthday”::
    ::Hitting the play button and singing along loudly::
    Oh? you can hear it from there?

    ROFLMAO Seriously,

    Happy Birthday Mary Anne, Many happy returns!

    (I’ve started reading the YA novel draft. Comments to follow.)

  2. I was on a long road trip yesterday and did not manage to wish you a happy birthday. I hope it was a good one.

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